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1972 Mustang Sprint  ( Olympic Sprint Edition )
During 1972, Ford offered a special eye-catching "Red, White & Blue" color styling package with bold USA Shield decals to commemorate the 1972 USA Olympic Team.

The Sprint Decor Option Group was available between March and June of 1972.  The Sprint promotion celebrated the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the XXth Olympiad in Munich, Germany and the XI Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan.  Ford's USA Sprint Cars promoted our Olympic Team achievements in the double Olympic year of 1972.

The Sprint Decor Option was offered on Mustangs, Pintos and Mavericks.  Ford's Olympic Sprint salute was orchestrated to add mid-year flash to the 1972 advertising campaign, and bring more customers into Ford dealership showrooms. 

1972 Mustang Sprint promotion was a limited edition of only ( 9,383 ) Sportroofs, Coupes and Convertibles with the " Red, White & Blue " color styling.  A similar
version was available with a Maple Leaf Shield for Canadian sales.

1972 Cherry Blossom Festival - Parade Cars

Only ( 50 ) Mustang Sprint Convertibles were produced.  These fifty convertibles were built specifically for the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. ( April 1972 )  

The " 50 of a Kind " parade cars transported the Cherry Blossom Festival Princesses representing U.S. states and territories.

The website is dedicated to promotion, restoration and enjoyment of the patriotic Red, White & Blue in 72 Mustang Sprint. These Mustangs are the most beautiful, desirable and rare collector cars of the 71-73 Superstang years. This site is a repository of 1972 Mustang Sprint history, Vehicle Registry, Sprint Marketplace and Restoration Resource.

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