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1972 Mustang Sprint - Restoration Resources

Below are restoration resources for items unique to the Sprint Decor Package.  If you are aware of any additional vendors that supply SPRINT DECOR items, please send us your vendor information, so we can add them to our restoration resource list.  Restoration Resource UPDATE FORM at bottom of page.

Sprint Stripes & Decals GRAPHIC EXPRESS - Hood Stripe Decals can be ordered from Graphic Express.
Call 352-341-0077. They are located in Florida.

Sprint Hood Stripe Placement >> CLICK HERE for hood stripe measurements.
Sprint Paint Colors
GRABBER BLUE -  Code is 2230-L ( Ford 3F )
WIMBLEDON WHITE - Code is 8378 ( Ford 9A )
These are exact matches to the original.

Olympic Sprint Seat Upholstery Kits & Material MUSTANGS UNLIMITED - Front & Rear Seat Upholstery Kits for 1972 Mustang Olympic Sprint Coupe/Sportroof/Convertible. Uses the correct Corinthian grain vinyl for the skirts & bolsters with correct red piping. The inserts use a blue simulated comfortweave in lieu of blue Lamberth cloth which is no longer available.

NATIONAL PARTS DEPOT -  Upholstery Kits Available SPECIAL ORDER from   ( NPD ) 21C Sprint Package Blue Comfortweave with Red piping.

SMS AUTO FABRICS - SMS has Royal Blue Lambeth Cloth and Vermillion Red Piping if you just want upholstery materials.  SMS Auto Fabrics, 350 S Redwood St. Canby, OR 97013, (503) 263-3535 info@smsautofabrics.com

Medium Blue Carpet MEDIUM BLUE carpet is available from many vendors including Mustangs Unlimited. Call 888-398-9898.
Deluxe Door Panels Many vendors have White DELUXE Door Panels. New Deluxe panels come with BLACK carpet trim, You need to order additional MEDIUM BLUE Door Carpet trim to replace the black carpet.
Interior Quarter Panels National Parts Depot ( NPD ) - Convertible Interior Quarter Trim Panels ( BLACK ) - Must be dyed WHITE. Order VP-15855 WHITE spray can.
Dash Pads NPD sells original BLUE Dash Pads, Reproduction Pads are available for less.
Steering Wheel Pad NPD also sells the steering wheel pads ( black ).  The blue vinyl dye spray can part number is VP-16049.  Do not forget to order a can of vinyl prep for best results.
Ford Documentation Marti Auto - www.MartiAuto.com
Data decals, engine tags, and original Ford invoices and reports for you sprint Mustang.
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