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 1972 Mustang Sprint - Owner Registry

The 1972 Mustang Sprint Owner Registry is dedicated to the documentation and promotion of the 1972 Mustang Sprint.

This site is the authoritative source for INFO & SALES of these rare and beautiful first generation Mustangs.


Mustang Sprint Owners believe these cars are the most beautiful and rare Mustangs of the 71-73  Superstang years. Our goal is to promote these vehicles by providing an internet reference source for Sprint history and production information, as well as a registry of Sprint ownership and resource information useful in Olympic Sprint Mustang restorations

The Sprint Registry purpose is to collect and display vehicle data on all Mustang Olympic Sprint cars ( VIN’s, data plates, ownership history, vehicle comments, etc. ).  The registered vehicle information shared will help promote each of these beautiful cars to potential 70's Muscle Car buyers and enthusiasts.  As more 1972 Mustang Sprint’s are registered, we will become the "ONLINE MARKETPLACE" for the 1972 Mustang Olympic Sprint.

Please encourage all 1972 Mustang Olympic Sprint owners you meet to register their Mustang Sprint cars with this site.   If you belong to a Mustang club, we would appreciate it if you would pass on the word to fellow club members about this website.

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